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If you are looking for Temporary, Permanent or Contract work we would be delighted to be of assistance. Our aim is to make the whole procedure as comfortable and enjoyable as possible and remove the more conventional time-consuming nightmare! We offer a friendly and relaxed environment, one in which we aim to see every candidate leave us with either a temporary booking or an interview - we want to be the only Agency you need to contact to secure employment. You will see us go that extra mile to assure you of our commitment to really trying to help you. We won't make promises we are unable to deliver but we will try everything within our power to find you a role you will be very happy in.

We are a friendly and approachable team and we want to help you. All we ask is that you are honest with us about your plans and don't take on a role that you know you are unable to commit to; our reputation is largely based on the candidates we provide and therefore we are relying on you to reflect the Prize Placements ethic. Many of our temporary candidates have worked with us for years, some start by temping during their University holidays and end up securing permanent employment through Prize Placements!

For Overseas Visitors who are keen to earn money as they settle into London but are not too familiar with how temping works, please do not hesitate to give the temps team a call and we can explain everything to you.

The Registration Process

As soon as we have chatted with you to establish the type of work you are looking for, we will arrange a convenient time for you to come along to our offices to register. The appointment takes approximately an hour and a half and consists of completing a registration form, a couple of paper based tests and computer testing i.e. Typing, Data Entry, Word, Excel (the tests will depend on the type of work you are seeking). Once you have completed the registration, we will have an in-depth chat with you to establish exactly what you are looking for and then we will discuss any positions that may be suitable for you. What to bring with you when you register:-

  • Proof of I.D. - Passport
  • Visa details
  • Proof of Qualifications
  • National Insurance Number
  • Details of your Referees
  • Bank details (for temporary candidates)

Need Help preparing your CV?

Whether you are seeking your very first job, have only ever had one job or are totally confused about how may pages your CV should be - we can help. We will happily talk you through creating a clear and concise CV and offer advice and helpful tips to ensure you make the most of yourself on paper. Just give us a call or pop in to see us.

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